The storm is coming and the water is rising - what are the villagers to do? Its up to you to build a tower tall enough to escape the rising water level so that they can all shelter in their hut and stay dry! These cutesy shapes are happy to help until the water starts to reach their tops...

We developed this game in 24 hours for TasJam Lite 2019 for the theme "Calm".

Please play with sound on! :)

Please note that the downloadable files are the original jam submission while the browser playable client has been tuned to correct a few small bugs as well as made a little easier.  We hope to update the game very soon to include a number of new levels as well as some additional mechanics! :)

All art assets were drawn by Molly Steer using Procreate. 
We recorded all sound effects, designed, and programmed our game over the course of the 24 hour jam. 

Other Assets Used:
Rain Sounds - Alexander
Amatic SC - Google Fonts

Thanks so much Audrey and John for checking out our game and making a video playing it. It was surreal to watch someone play our game, really funny and we loved your dynamic! :) 


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Such a lovely little game! (and soooo addictive!)


Thanks so much for checking out our game, we're looking at updating it soon with a bunch more levels and a few new mechanics, we hope you can come back and check it out then! :)


Thats prety =)


This was a nice, short, and wet game. The puzzle was simple but fun and it reminds me a lot of tricky towers but with the rising water element, made the game more difficult. Would love to see a full game of this. The raining sound made the game give a calm atmosphere. With out it, I would've probably been more mad with certain results. :P

My partner and I have an ongoing series in which we play game together called Datenite. Here's the video from our play though. 

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Thanks so much for playing our game and making your video! We thoroughly enjoyed watching it and you had us laughing, a lot. If it's all good with you guys we'd like to add your video to our description page, such a surreal experience watching someone else play our game, really awesome! :) 


it would be our honor for our video to be on your page.

Awesome and thanks, we've added it to the description! :)


This is a short and sweet little game (: I like it. Was it inspired at all by an old Game Maker game called Mubbly Tower?


Thanks so much for giving it a play and leaving feedback! We didn't take inspiration from Mubbly Tower specifically, only because I don't think we've played it, but we definitely took inspiration from a lot of old stacking games made in flash, that we enjoyed playing when we were younger :) 


I loved it! The shapes, or characters, were so cute and I liked the calm rain sound in the background even if it was a game about being fast. I really wished there would've been more levels as this was so much fun to play! :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)


Thanks so much for checking out our game and taking the time to write such a thoughtful response. 

We would love to love to add more levels in the future and to think a little more about the skill curve. 

We're really glad you liked the artwork and that you found the game "calming" because that is exactly what we were going for as far as game play feel, so it's awesome to hear. 

We have not heard of gdwc but it is definitely something we will look into, thanks for letting us know about it! :) 


That sounds great! :)